I Have the Kitchen of My Dreams Now

I knew that I wanted to get new flooring put down in our kitchen since we were redoing some other things in there like the countertops and the cupboards. It was not going to cost us as much as it would if we had a professional doing it for us. My husband is quite handy at things like this, and we finally had the money to go ahead and do the complete remodel how we wanted it done. I knew that I wanted Sutton Hickory laminate flooring after looking at different options at The Rugs Store.

The funny thing is that I was not even planning on doing the entire floor until I went to The Rugs Store’s website. Continue reading I Have the Kitchen of My Dreams Now


A large percentage of the population loves to drink both gourmet coffee and espresso drinks. We are all aware of the fact that coffee and espresso provide a boost of energy and they also warm your body up on those cold winter days. Most, however, are not familiar with the history of the coffee and espresso machines, themselves. Without these machines, we probably wouldn’t see such a large population that can easily and affordably prepare these common drinks.

Where did the coffee maker come from?

Since the days of the early Egyptians, coffee has been a staple beverage for most people. Though the Coffee bean originated in Africa, it quickly spread to neighboring countries, like Arabia and Egypt. The first method of bean preparation was to roast the beans on an open fire and then added to boiling water for consumption.

It is believed that coffee was probably considered a type of wine and used to barter and trade. Fermented in much the same as grapes, coffee was a source of energy and warmth for most, but some drank it because they loved the taste, too.

A man by the name of Mr. Laurens came up with the first coffee-making machine in 1818. The machine was constantly modified by coffee drinkers. The coffee machine was actually a product that had just as many patents by women as men, that was practically unheard of at that time!

Through the years, the coffee machine has become a reliable, dependable and easy to use product. In the 1960’s, the first filter machines were invented and the modifications have improved even more since then. Coffee making machines began as crude looking inventions, but have evolved into many different styles, making it possible for a Governor and a Harley biker to own the same style! Found in just about every home, the coffee machine is made by many manufacturers, including: Braun, Senseo, Kitchenaid, Krups and Pod.

Where did the espresso machine come from?

Discovered by a goat herder and developed by a tired, hungry traveler, the espresso drink has provided many with the extra energy they may need. The goat herder noticed the goats acting like they had an extreme boost of energy. As he searched for his heard, he noticed they were snacking on a red berry growing from shrubs. Curious, he ate a berry and felt as if he had suddenly gained more energy as a result. At the same time, a tired, hungry traveler witnesses the occurrences and jumped at the chance to try it for himself. Having the same reactions as the herder and goats, he knew that they were on to something. He took some berries and began to add them to drinks for those in his hometown, as the drink seemed to be a good source of energy. The idea took off from there!

The first espresso maker is said to have originated in Italy in 1901, by Italian manufacturing company owner, Lugia Bezzer. He was simply looking for a way to help speed up his employee’s coffee breaks. He figured out that if pressure was applied in the brewing process, the drink could be made in a lot less time. Nicknamed “The fast coffee machine”, the espresso machine patent was sold in 1905. The new owner, Desidero Pavoni developed an espresso machine that used a piston pump to force water through a tube and into the coffee.

Job Innovation Camp

Sports camps for kids can be found almost everywhere around the country. If you type in the keywords “summer camp for sports” into any search engine, you will get back thousands of search results. Sorting through thousands of sports camps to find the right one for your child can be quite daunting though. A good way to easily identify the best sports camp for your kids is by considering a few key factors.

There are a plethora of camps covering every imaginable sport, including golf, tennis, volleyball, football camps, girls and boys basketball camps, lacrosse, swimming, soccer camps, ice hockey, bowling, baseball camps, wrestling, sailing camps, running, softball and many, many others. A summer camp for a specific sport you are interested in is more than likely available.

Usually, sport camps are paid training sessions that are held at schools and clubs, and are directed by coaches and sometimes top players in the industry. There are three groups that make up a sports one. The paying attendees make up the first group, as these are the people who enroll in the camp program. They are usually separated by age, sex and skill level. Fees are collected to cover the cost of camp supplies, such as food and special uniforms, as well as for boarding and the coaching staff.

Some of the best summer camp programs for sports divide their attendees into groups of varying degrees of skill sets. Typically, the groups are broken down further into levels; introductory, intermediate and advanced. Grouping the campers into the different programs based on their set of skills helps organizers to identify what skills they need to work on so they can develop them more quickly.

During the introduction section, kids usually play some warm up games to demonstrate their actual skill levels. At the intermediate level, campers are taught the basic skills required for their sport, as well as new tips and techniques of the game. At the advanced level, the summer camp instructors teach the skills that are required to become professional players. As it comes to a close, each level will have learned teamwork, character building and life skills through sports.

The instructors, coaches and teachers make up the second group. These people are innovative, aggressive and highly skilled at the sport for which you are attending one. They are the ones whose job it is to teach and motivate as well as share valuable insights with the attendees. They are under the added pressure of ensuring that their attendees get the most from the experience.

The third group of people is comprised of the organizers. This group spearheads the entire mission and vision of any sport camps. They may be private business owners who simply wish to help nurture future talent through training. This group can also include people who want to promote skills and knowledge of a particular game.

These three groups of people are just the basic foundation of any good summer camp for kids, whether it’s camps for sports, special needs camps, adventure camps or any other type of program. With a sports camp, the main objective is to train and discipline every person who attends the program. It is the job of the staff and organizers to ensure that campers leave only after a winning attitude has been instilled in them.